We would like to offer the services and cooperation for your good and reputable company:

  • Crew recruitment:
    Strict selection of candidates, checking of qualification and professional skills is carried out in accordance with the previous experience on similar types of vessels/engines, considering the types of vessels, engine types (including deck mechanisms), types of cargoes, region of work and company policy;

  • Sea-service experience
    The analysis of seaman's sea-service experience for the last 5 contracts. Obligatory checking of this experience (at least two last contracts);

  • Testing the professional knowledge
    Interview with the Captain-instructor (for navigators, deck team) and with the Engineer-instructor (for engineers, machine team), including SOLAS/MARPOL and ISM Code; Computer testing on Marlins, CES 5.0;

  • English
    Knowledge of English is checked in written and in oral forms. First of all - possession of professional lexicon and terms, and also informal English;

  • Medical Examination
    We arrange and control an independent medical examination of seamen only in the specialized marine medical centers approved by the ship owner; We supervise an independent passing of alcohol and drug testing for seamen; Carry out interview with the psychologist - the compatibility test;

  • Certificates:
    Verification of certificates' legitimacy. Checking of the personnel's certificates according to STCW-78/95 regulation in the State Register of Ukrainian seafarers documents;

  • Visa Support:
    Arrangements of USA and port of joining visas, and any other necessary procedures of obtaining visas.

  • Air-tickets:
    Booking of air-tickets, organization of all necessary formalities for on/off signers. We will track their movement; our Airline agents will select the most economical and convenient air-tickets;

  • Documents:
    Before embarkation to the vessel our company will arrange Flag Endorsements for seaman, necessary for the Ship's Flag;

  • Uniform:
    Before embarkation we could provide every seaman with uniform, depending on the requirement of the ship owner and according to the Safety Standards;

  • Company Policy:
    Pre-joining instruction is carried out for the seafarer according to the Owners' SMS Manual;

  • Financial Activity:
    Upon ship owner's necessity and for the formation of ship's minimum budget, we can assume financial calculations of salary payment for crew and expenses related to the visa arrangements, air-tickets, etc.;

  • Additional:
    Besides above-mentioned points we will assist you to solve affairs which might arise with Ukrainian Seamen, who have a direct contract with Your company.

    - assistance in issuing Seaman's book;
    - assistance in renewing of marine documents;
    - assistance in preparation of the Crew lists,